Angleščina – članki

Pri učenju angleščine nam zelo pomaga branje člankov v angleščini, saj na tak način širimo besedni zaklad in utrjujemo že znano besedišče in strukture.

Preberite si nekaj zanimivosti o angleškem jeziku, inovacijah, pogovoru za službo v angleščini …

5 most unusual Christmas traditions

In Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela, religious ceremonies commence on December 16 and last until December 24. On these mornings many roads are closed to traffic since hundreds of people roller skate to mass. In Japan a home-made dinner is often replaced with fast food…

Learning English with Humour

Funny things are remembered much more easily and as we want to repeat the jokes we hear, by doing so we reinforce the newly acquired vocabulary or grammar. In languages humour derives from double meanings.

What’s your number?

Numerology is the study of numbers and defines a special relationship between a number and some coinciding events…

The difference between complete and finished

Please explain the difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED in a way that is easy to understand. Here is his answer…

Are you tired of being tired each spring?

The sun is getting warmer, birds are singing and the whole nature is awakening. Nevertheless, you feel weak and tired. Do you also lack energy, feel dizziness and tension in your muscles? Well, these are just some of the symptoms of the spring fatigue.

Body language and romance

We can find out much more about people’s feelings from their body language than from their words. Noticing the signals that people transmit with their body language is a very useful social skill.

Job interview in English

You will be asked questions about your previous work which refer to specific examples of your skills and experience. These “stories” should have the following structure to make the best possible impact…

The most consumed beverages in the world

Coffee, beer, tea and water…

Christmas Traditions

The Christmas season begins four Sundays before Christmas Eve with the start of Advent…

Innovations in 2011

Most likely one of the best innovations of 2011 is the software which allows medics to check for vital signs or help people with a cardiovascular problem to control their health regularly. All you need to do is stand in front of this special mirror and you will see your heart rate displayed on top of the reflection.


The highlights of 2011

The year started off with the Hungarian presidency to the European Union and Estonia’s adoption of the Euro currency as the seventeenth Eurozone country.

Smešni prevodi v angleščini

They have been found on notice boards and signs all over the world…

5 Craziest Christmas customs you probably didn’t know about

Banana Christmas tree, Fried turkey for dinner or Skating your way to Christmas are just a few of them.