How superstitious are you?

People often do silly things such as spit when seeing a cat cross their path or touch a button when meeting a chimney sweeper. Have you ever wondered where these supersitions originate from? Test yourself in the superstition quiz.

1. Why do we cross our fingers when we hope for something?

a)    Making a cross keeps away evil spirits.

b)    It shows your hands are not free to meddle with fate.

c)    Crossed fingers release positive energy.

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2. Why do we knock on wood for good luck?

a)    To frighten away evil spirits.

b)    To wake up the good spirits that live in trees.

c)    To connect with Mother Earth.

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3. What shouldn’t you do inside the house before leaving?

a)    You shouldn’t open an umbrella.

b)    You shouldn’t zip up your coat.

c)    You shouldn’t put on a hat.

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4. Which of these isn’t a lucky thing to pick up in the street?

a)    A penny.

b)    A pin.

c)    A piece of paper.

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5. You will receive seven years of bad luck if you break…

a)    glass.

b)    a mirror.

c)    old dishes.

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6. Which insect brings you good luck if it lands on you?

a)    A ladybug.

b)    A butterfly.

c)    A grasshopper.

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7. Which flower will bring you good luck if you pick it?

a) A four-leaved clover.

b) A daisy.

c) A sunflower.

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