5 Craziest Christmas customs you probably didn’t know about

Banana Christmas tree

banana-tree25 million people in India celebrate Christmas with midnight mass and gift-giving like the rest of the world, but as there are no fir trees or pine trees to decorate, they put decorations on banana trees and mango trees.

Looks yummy, right?

Fried turkey for dinner

Christmas turkey is a part of a traditional Christmas dinner, but in Japan rather than preparing Christmas dinner at home in the oven, they buy fried chicken at KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). This custom has become so popular that 240,000 barrels of Kentucky fried chicken are sold during Christmas.

Skating your way to Christmas

skating-on-christmasIn the capital city of Venzuela, Caracas,  kids roller-skate to early morning mass on Christmas day.

To insure safety the roads are closed for cars until 8am.

Itsy bitsy spider went up to climb the tree

While in most countries Christmas trees are decorated with glittering ornaments and tinsel, Ukrainians cover them with artificial spiders and cobwebs. It is believed to bring good luck on Christmas morning.

Christmas relaxation

Most Finnish families have their own sauna at home and on Christmas Eve they traditionally enjoy a nice, good soak to relax their body and souls after a big dinner.